December 13, 2015). It was

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坣d the systems created to give citizens information about their gov▓ernment. In addition, it was getting harder to use public records to hold government officials accountable (, ▓March 13, 2015). An articl

e on the website of the CNN reported on February 13, 2015 that journalists and news supervision authoriti▓es had continually slammed the current U.S. administration as one of the least ▓transparent. At least 15 journalists were arrested in Ferguson protests (, Fe▓bruary 13, 2015).III. Economic and▓ Social Rights under Challenge

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▓In 2015, no substantial progress concerning ▓the economic and social rights of U▓.S. citizens were made. Workers carrie▓d out mass strikes to claim their rights at work. Food-insecure and homeless populations remained huge. Many U.S. people suffered from poor▓ h

ealth.The rights of laborers at▓ work were not effectively protected. On October 6, 2015, Al Jazeera America rep▓orted that about 40 percent of private-sector wor▓kers, or 44 million people in Ame▓rica, did not have access to paid sick leave. Large scale strikes in many industries were r▓eporte

d. In February 2015, workers at nine oil refineries in California, Texas,▓ Kentucky and Washington states carried out▓ strikes, protesting

said in

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onerous overtime, unsafe staffing levels and dangerous con▓ditions (, Feb

ruary 2, Oc▓tober 6, 2015). In April, the same year, fa▓st food workers walked off the job in 230 cities, staging a strike aimed at a minimum wage o

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f 15 U.S. dollars. In November, they walked out in hundreds of cities for the same reason. About 2,000 workers at seven major U.S. air

mpered by

the governme

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ports went on strike in November ▓to protest low wages (, April 15, 2015; www.usat▓od

nt. ▓Accord

project 2, November 10, November 19, 2015).There was huge income gap between▓ the rich and the poor. In th

ing to a repor

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e United States, 3.▓1 percent of income earned annually went to the poorest 20 per▓cent of people, whi

le 51.4 percent was earned by the richest 20 percent (www.usat▓, October 10, 2015). Official data showed that 46.7 million people

t by the Ass

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were living in poverty in 2014. ( In Delaware, the percentage of people living below the federal poverty line in 2014 was ▓12.5 percent, creeping up from 11.7 percent ▓in 2013. Nearly a quarter of residents of Wilmington, Delaware lived below

the pove▓rty line. The poverty rate for children was around 20 percent. U.S. people were pessimistic about the prospects of social and economic instab▓ility. Seventy-nine percent of A▓mericans believed it was more c▓ommon for people t

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o fall out of the middle class than rise up to it (, June 9, November 23, 2015).T▓here was a large food-insecure population in the United States. According to a report p▓ublished on the Guardian website on Novembe▓r 26, 2015, government statistics sugges▓ted that between 2008 and 2014 at least▓ 48.1 million people a year were classed as "food insecure", including 19.2 perc▓

ent of all households with children,▓ meaning they could not always afford to eat b▓alanced meals (, November 26, 2015)

ociated Pr

. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that each year, 48 mil

were un

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▓dermin ing the laws that were

lion▓ people suffered from a foodborne illness, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths (, December 4▓,

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